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5 energy drinks to trim the belly


The best 5 energy drinks to cut the belly. As summer approaches and many of us can not get rid of excess abdominal fat. Of course, you tried to do everything to eliminate abdominal fat, but something went wrong.


Home Remedies to Detoxify and Lose Weight
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We are right, ideally, in trying to reduce abdominal fat and wear a sexy bikini, in fact a good way to achieve this is to follow a healthy diet . More than anything, you should keep in mind the choice of drink is important as your choice of food.


In Genial con salud: We want to help all people achieve their body goals with ease and efficiency. Helping them to choose appropriate meals and effective training lagoons.

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Energy drinks to lose weight
For this case, we must take a hard step to sugary and carbonated drinks and go for healthy green beers and smoothies. For example, green tea, honey, cinnamon, black coffee, ice water or a pineapple milkshake.

Energy drinks to lose weightFor this, there are drinks to lose weight and burn fat: The most recommendable thing would be to make healthy beers is not filled with empty calories and, instead, that way we can take full advantage of all the properties rich in nutrients and antioxidants that these drinks offer.

How to lose weight with energy drinks
They should know that when they start drinking these drinks, you will begin to melt those extra kilos. This is not exactly true, since there is no effective magic, just follow a healthy diet, and these drinks will fill it with useful substances and antioxidants that will help you fight excess weight . We invite you to scroll below and take a look on the Dietetic Drinks to Lose Weight?

Green Tea
First of all I invite you to read envelopes The properties and benefits of green tea . Many know about the benefits of green tea for health; since it is very good to cleanse the body of toxins to protect it from cancer and help improve the health of the skin. Also, if you drink green tea can help you lose weight. Green tea is rich in incredible antioxidants and have great benefits for heart health, which means that this great drink fights belly fat.

Cinnamon and honey
Just like Cinnamon Tea to lose weight is very effective for burning fat. To prepare this natural beverage, you only need a glass of cold water, mixed with a spoonful of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Drink this rich cold drink melts all belly fats. That is, this drink is a great alternative to sugary iced tea. If you want to know How to make cinnamon powder tea here I leave the recipe.

Black coffee
Did you know that you can increase your metabolism by drinking black coffee ? From now on, forget about unnecessary sugar and cream and get ready to give your body an infusion of energy and thermogenesis, a stimulant for metabolism!

Frozen water
Probably, you are thinking about the benefits of ice water to lose weight. The fact is that when a person drinks cold water, his body needs to burn more calories to be able to digest in your system. The more water you drink during the day, the more benefits you will get. In this article you can know how to know how much water you need to drink according to your weight.

Frozen water to lose weightAlso, never forget that water can help keep your body hydrated, and drinking water before a meal can help you feel fuller. Therefore, instead of consuming your favorite sandwiches, better drink a glass of water.

Pineapple Smoothie
Did you know that pineapples are rich in vitamin C and its main component is bromelain, since they can help you lose weight. To prepare a pineapple shake, you should mix a pineapple with banana, ginger and a little coconut water to obtain a natural sweet. So tasty and healthy! Here I leave you how to make pineapple and cinnamon tea to burn fat


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