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9 effective exercises to get a flat stomach


If you do not have time to go to the gym or you can not afford to pay a monthly fee, this page will help you get fit from home.


They will be updating and adding exercise routines at home little by little for all the goals of both men and women.

What are exercise routines at home?
Home exercise routines are small training routines that can be done from home, either using our own weight and household furniture or using gym equipment.

With which we can say that there are two exercise routines at home:

With gymnastic material: We can work on goals such as increasing strength or muscle mass more easily.
Without gym equipment: Be fit, lose weight, mobilize fat.
We will also classify the routines by male or female.

What are exercise routines at home for?
Routines at home will not only save you time and money, but you can also make them more comfortable and adapted to your day to day. According to your goals, you can perform any type of training routine with the exception that you are going to be limited in gym machinery.

They will serve you for: Losing weight, losing fat, improving joint health, losing calories, increasing strength, increasing muscle mass. ETC.

Who are the gym routines at home for?
Obviously for all those people who can not go to the gym for any reason.

We have to take into account one thing, that the routines we do at home can be effective in the short and medium term. Working with limited material at home can stall your evolution.

Think that your body is an adaptation machine, what you do in your day to day body adapts , and you will have to continue giving new challenges to evolve.

If every day we do 20 push-ups, at the beginning we can notice a change, but after half a year, we will do the 20 push-ups without effort, not being any challenge for your body.

If your goal is to stay in good shape, it may be a very viable option but for the other objectives you will be more limited.

Another important fact is if you have gone to the gym before, you are a beginner or you have barely exercised.

If you have previously gone to the gym, have good muscle mass and now want to perform exercises at home, you will have to take a weight equal to or greater than the one you used in the gym to maintain your muscle gains.

Routines at home are ideal for keeping fit or getting started in the gym.

How to start exercise routines at home
Before starting a routine, you have to know that diet and rest are fundamental to improve and keep evolving. We also have to be realistic with the objectives, we can not pretend to be fit with two workouts that we do a week or lose kilos without a head in a short time.

All your goals around the gym are going to take time, remember, fast things tend to take a toll on your health.

Whenever you make a routine at home, try to have space to perform broad movements, have a timer or watch on hand to control time and if you do not even know the routine, a paper or note of what exercise you play and how many repetitions or series perform.

One of the most important things about exercising at home is to stay focused. It is very easy to get distracted by anything while doing the exercises.

You start to perform your exercise, and when you take, 2 series… zas… You are going to drink water, you look at your mobile, they knock on your door, etc. And in the end you leave your training of the day because of laziness or you do the training with a lot of rest in between.

It is fundamental to be mentalized. For this the ideal is to dress with the overalls of work (By this I mean to put on a sportswear).

It is also ideal to do your training with music, and if you listen to it with headphones, the better. Why? Because it will serve you to obtain a greater concentration and isolate yourself from everything around you.

Once prepared, it is simply putting you to work on your goals.

What exercise routine can I do at home?
As I said before, a little above, you can perform any type of exercise routine at home according to your goals. The limitation you have of being at home is the material and its weight.

If for example you want to improve strength or progress in muscle mass, in the medium term the routines at home are hardly going to take effect, since I do not think you have a very heavy and varied material to keep evolving.

If instead you want to burn calories, lose weight or lose fat, the routines at home can be quite effective.

Workout routine at home to lose weight
Then I’ll show you some effective exercises at home to lose weight. These exercises are also called cardiovascular exercises or aerobic exercises and they will serve to accelerate your metabolism, burn more calories, stimulate fat loss and improve your cardiovascular health.

How to use this aerobics routine at home
Preheating, heating, and cooling are three stages that must be met to do aerobics or any other exercise routine since they improve your circulation and regulate your temperature, perspiration and heart rate.

So now, put on your sports clothes and strap on the shoes that we started with aerobics here:

Get warm From 8 to 15 minutes do simple exercises such as swinging your legs, raise your knees or heels to give mobility to the joints. Then, begin to make circles with your arms, raise your knees until they touch your palms, bring your heels back with flexed forearms. Follow this order: 8, 4 and 2, that is, go reducing the number of warm-up exercises.
Localized exercises.“Localized” refers to the fact that you have to measure with the chronometer how much time you dedicate to each part of your body. You have 30 minutes to work each, the smallest muscles can take 2 to 3 minutes, and the largest ones from 1 to 2. Take 5 to 10 minutes to take a breath and relax.
Cooling. Play relaxing music and lie on your stomach with your arms outstretched or your hands on your forehead. Close your eyes, breathe slowly and eliminate any thought that overwhelms you.
After this, shrink your body like a ball and slowly stretch each muscle and leave the head to the end. Stand up, stretch your arms to your sides and turn your head to each side. Bring one leg to the back as far as you can without forcing them, and then the other.

Workout routine at home for women
Workout routines at home for women, with routines that overwhelmingly emphasize the lower part of the body.

Toning especially of the glutes and legs. Then I’ll show you some exercises to do at home that will serve to tone your arms, tone your belly and reaffirm your buttocks and legs.

Instructions to create your training routine
You should train 4 times a week.
You have to do 10 repetitions for each exercise, 3 times.
Rest of 20 seconds for every 10 repetitions.
When you touch one leg and then another, first 10 repetitions on one side and then 10 repetitions of the other, then, rest of 20 seconds.

Today I do the first row, tomorrow I do the second, the day after tomorrow I do the third and to finish I repeat the first one.
Distribute the days as best you can.
Remember: You have to perform 3 times each exercise with 10 repetitions.
Workout routine at home to mark abdomen
Choose 4 exercises and perform 20 repetitions 4 times for each exercise.

Rest of 45 seconds between series.

Workout routine at home to tone up
These exercises are ideal both for toning and for beginners. They are exercises at home that will help you get more muscle mass.

Some exercises use weight, otherwise you have dumbbells or bars, you can use carafes of water or other things from home to do the exercise.

Choose 2 rows for each day.

12 repetitions
4 series
2 minutes of rest between exercises
45 seconds of rest between sets.
4 times a day
48 exercises to create your exercise routine at home
48 exercises to create your exercise routine at home


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