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For good sleep: home remedies for snoring


Snoring is a problem that often does not really bother the affected person. Rather, it annoys the partner or roommate colossal, where the loud noises regularly ensure sleepless nights and increased irritability on the following morning. Snoring is more common in the deep sleep phase. It is often caused by a narrowing of the airways, overweight, too much alcohol or a deformation of the nasal wall.


Often, excess mucus in the nose and throat is responsible for the snoring. A juice treatment can help to clear the nose. Drinks the snorer regularly the following self-mixed juice, in the future can rest again in bed. Many people have already had positive experiences with the natural and delicious anti-snoring remedy.

You need:

2 apples 2 carrots 1/4 lemon 1 ginger roll
Lemons have a high content of vitamin C. This can help to dilute the mucus in the nose and cleanse the sinuses. The ginger helps to relieve the pressure on the paranasal sinuses of pressure and pain. Apples and carrots are not only helpful in clearing the nose, but also promote a healthy sleep.

That is how it goes:

Just mix all the ingredients into a smoothie / juice and drink it a few hours before bedtime.

However, if there are additional respiratory breaks or difficulty sleeping, a doctor should be consulted as a precaution. In some cases even seemingly harmless snoring must be medically treated.


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