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How To Lose Weight And Belly Fat With Ginger


Ginger is root with a fresh and spicy flavor with numerous health benefits. One of these benefits is maintaining a healthy weight and efficiently burning the belly fat. The ancient Ayurveda healing technique suggests eating and drinking ginger every day as a way of keeping the weight in control, and was also confirmed by scientific studies.



According to an animal study, ginger is able to reduced weight in rats after just one month, and the rats’ leptin and blood sugar levels were also much improved. Leptin is a very important compound that plays an important role in feeling full after meals, and it’s vital for proper weight loss. The scientists concluded that this root is able to prevent obesity, which caused by a diet rich in fat, and are now considering ginger as a powerful natural remedy against the disease.

Another study showed that regular consumption of ginger can reduce weight just as well as Orlistat, the very popular weight loss supplement. Moreover, ginger also improved the HDL (the good cholesterol levels) in the blood of the patients. This is not surprising considering the fact that ginger can boost digestion, which effectively results in losing weight.

How ginger reduces the belly fat

Besides keeping the weight in check, ginger is also able toreduce the excess belly fat. It does this by preventing overeating and regulating the hormone and energy levels. Ginger is very satiating and prevents cravings, while the effect that it has on your hormonal levels and stress prevent the cortisol spikes in the blood that can do a lot of damage to your immune system and metabolism. According to a study from 2004, ginger significantly suppresses cortisol production.

Increased cortisol levels are known to lead to weight gain and could make it a lot harder to lose weight. This is the reason it’s important to reset and maintain the hormonal levels if you want to lose belly fat. Consuming ginger is going to help you do this, and accelerate your metabolism as well. Ginger’s sharp flavor is also able to boost your energy levels and help you stay in shape.

How to use ginger for weight loss

In order to promote weight loss, you need to nib on one piece of ginger before eating the meals. This is going to regulate your metabolism and stimulate your digestion, while boosting the energy levels and reducing the cortisol production. You can also grate a bit of ginger root and add some lemon juice and salt to it, then eat the mixture before your meals to control your appetite. Besides this, you can prepare one cup of ginger tea which is going to accelerate your metabolism and prevent many diseases and conditions.

Use ginger as a spice in your meals and don’t limit the amount – according to some studies, cooking it for 6 minutes will boost its health benefits. The root has a very pleasant flavor that doesn’t need to be masked.

Ginger tea for losing weight

Drinking 2-3 cups of ginger tea each day is very healthy and is going to boost your metabolism. To prepare the tea, grate one inch of ginger and put it in one cup, then pour boiling water over it. Leave this mixture to steep for about 10 minutes, then strain it and leave it to cool down. Now add a bit of honey. Ginger tea is a powerful remedy for numerous diseases and conditions and is also going to help you lose weight.

Other ginger health benefits

Besides helping you to lose weight, ginger is able to boost your metabolism, reduce inflammation, prevent vomiting and nausea, while also eliminating the cancer cells. You can prepare a healthy ginger detox drink that will fight numerous diseases as well. The powdered ginger can be kept in the fridge for a longer period, while a fresh ginger root can be kept for only 2-3 weeks. You can freeze the ginger root to boost its longevity for up to 6 months.


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