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Il rimedio che solleva le palpebre cadenti in 3 giorni


The eyelids are part of a mixing system that surrounds the eyes and allows us to open and close them. Eyelids can start to fall due to many factors: inheritance, lifestyle and advancing age. In this article we suggest an excellent natural remedy to lift the drooping eyelids .


The weight of the drooping eyelids can strain the muscles of the eye. In the case of women, this condition can make it difficult to apply makeup. Those who suffer from this condition can find it annoying, even aesthetically.

drooping eyelidsThe remedy consists in preparing and applying a mask based on egg white. This ingredient helps to tone and firm the skin, and the results are visible after a few minutes. The effects of the mask can last even two days from the first application.

You need: 1 egg white and 1 cotton stick. Thoroughly clean the air around the eyes, drying well. Dip the cotton stick into the egg white, and apply over the entire eyelid.

Keep your eyes closed until the mask has dried. If you want to speed up this operation, put a fan in front of your face.

Apply 2 or 3 times a week for almost permanent results. This natural remedy will allow you to avoid the use of chemicals that can even worsen the situation.

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