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Start A Blog At 50 Plus (Blogging’s Not Just For Millennials)


Flicking through social media you can be excused for thinking you need to be a young bronzed traveler or a mother with young children to start a blog.


Millennials seem to dominate the blogging landscape and have fully embraced the work from anywhere lifestyle. Yet that doesn’t mean there isn’t space for other generations.

Blogging is tribal. It’s about readers seeking out bloggers with shared values and outlooks. At fifty plus there’s still one big tribe out there waiting to hear from you…

Start A Blog At Any Age
Think about the mechanics of starting a blog, finding hosting, choosing a domain name and topic, designing your blog. There is nothing about the process that’s age related. You just need to be willing to learn something new.

It can be daunting creating your public persona. There’s that feeling of acceptance as you post your hero image, wrinkles and all. After spending the last 10 years avoiding mirrors, I now get to see my picture everywhere as I edit my blog.

But it’s okay. This is me. I’m not a young millennial. That doesn’t mean I haven’t got anything to say. Advice to give, valid opinions. Take it or leave it, I still have a voice. And so do you.

start a blog at fifty plus
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Quit The Nine To Five
When I closed my last business two years ago I dallied with the job market. It was a shock to my fragile self ego that I didn’t waltz straight into a well paid job. Somehow my age seemed to matter. Instead I scuttled back to the safety of self-employment.

Start A Money Making Blog

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You see the best bit about being your own boss is job security. No-one will ever question your age. With over a million older workers locked out of the job market here in the UK, ageism is a reality. In the US, the land of opportunity, the situation is just as bleak.

Now I may creak a bit first thing in the morning and my running pace is so much slower. But old! Really? It’s not something you even think about when you’re running your own business.

Quitting the nine to five overnight isn’t something I advocate. But starting a blog does give you options. Blogging about your field provides proof that you’re still current, web savvy and keeping up with technology. Plus that $500 side income can become your passport to freedom.

Finding Your Voice
When you’re starting a blog at 50 plus you need to find your voice. Looking for inspiration from thirty something bloggers with perfect lifestyles isn’t going to help.

That doesn’t mean at fifty plus you can’t be glamorous, entertaining, or inspiring, But it’s about being true to yourself. Sticking to the real you instead of being something you’re not.

Your readers will be looking for honesty and authenticity. These two blogs by women of a certain age find the fun in life and are killing it in their niche:

Fab after Fifty blogs about everything related to the fifty plus woman, style, fashion, relationships and career.

Alternative Ageing follows the life of the incredibly inspiring Suzi Grant, a 68 year old who’s still passionate about fashion.

In the words of Yoko Ono:

Some people are old at 18 and some people are young at 90…
Time is a concept that humans created.

Starting a blog is an opportunity at any age and the fifty plus age group is making it’s mark on the blogging world. Fortunately you’re never to old to have a voice.


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