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The 5 Ways In Which Green Juice Can Change Your Life


As we all know juicing and specifically green juices have made themselves a place in the daily diet of many people. It’s not only a phenomenon that’s restricted to the US but that has been seen worldwide. Not only do health conscious people make those juices at home with their own juicers but there are juice bars popping up everywhere around us. Some call this a ‘diet craze’ while others see it as simply a part of a healthy nutrition.


Five Ways in Which Green Juice Can Change Your Life

To break it down into 5 ways in which green juice is helping your diet and health:

Green juices contain a lot of Chlorophyll
At a molecular level Chlorophyll is having a rather similar composition to our own red blood cells. The molecular difference is that it has magnesium at its center instead of iron. Chlorophyll is very helpful in helping to increase the oxygen levels in your body in addition to helping the cleansing of your body. Higher levels of oxygen result in more energy that you have.
Juicing and blending helps your body extract nutrients from the green produce.
We all know that green produce like salad is very healthy. However, our bodies don’t have the enzymes to efficiently break down the cell walls of green produce that we eat. This means that we often cannot extract all the nutrients from these greens. If you juice or blend your greens you have that process extract these nutrients out of the cell walls which means you get additional health benefits that you won’t get from simply eating your greens.
Green produce can have true health benefits.
Many greens that we use in juices and smoothies have medical benefits. An example would be that Cilantro is proven to help extract heavy metals from your body. Parsley on the other hand is a blood cleanser while Ginger helps to clean your digestive system while also aids to heal it. These medical benefits of produce for your juices and smoothies have been documented through the ages.
There’s lots of vitamins and minerals in green produce.
Green juices and smoothies contain all the vitamins and minerals that you’d get if you ate them and had a perfect digestive system. Many people with sensitive digestive systems cannot extract all those vitamins and minerals. However, in the form of juices and smoothies we do help our digestive system as we already performed some of the digesting. This in many cases makes it a lot easier for your body to extract these essential vitamins and nutrients.
Your digestive system will get a true cleaning through green juices and smoothies.
The chlorophyll as well as the fiber (if you blend instead of juice) will help to clean out your digestive system. When you think that it is estimated that an unhealthy colon can store up to 20 pounds of waste then you might understand how important a clean digestive system can be.

As you can see, green produce in juices and smoothies are a fantastic way to help your body get nutrients, vitamins and keep itself clean. There’s no excuse not to start today and power your body and defenses with green juices. Best of all, they taste delicious. You can find juice and smoothie recipes that you will love!


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