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Throw an aspirin into the washing machine. The effect is perfect!


Washing white clothes is really problematic because every time you wash them they lose the whiteness and get some grayish shadow. This is irritating for every woman, but don’t worry because there is a simple solution that you might not know about, and the solution includes aspirin.


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With the help of aspirin you will deal with this problem very fast without using chemical cleaners that are expensive and ineffective.

What you will do is simple. Just throw 325 aspirin tablet in 2 gallons of previously heated water. The aspirin will dissolve in hot water.

Then, the second thing in the recipe is to put grayish clothes into the water with dissolved aspirin and let them stay there for 6-7 hours.

After 7 hours, your clothes that were grayish will become whiter than ever. This method can also be applied on washing machines. If you are washing your clothes in a machine, just put the aspirin in the machine.

This way of making your clothes white and impeccable clean is even better, because the tablet will dissolve better and the effect will be excellent.

Yet, sleep deficiency can be a major cause of numerous serious and complex health issues. This means that you must try to sleep those mandatory 8 hours during the night, in order to function normally the next day.

Due to the importance of this issue, we are constantly suggested to try some alternative ways to improve our sleep, like Himalayan salt rock lamps, feng shui, various natural drinks and the like.

Yet, essential oils can also be extremely effective when it comes to restoring your 8- hour sleep every day. You are probably aware of the various uses and benefits of essential oils, and today we will show you how to use them in this case.

We suggest the preparation of a natural 3- ingredient foot spray. These sprays are extremely effective in detoxifying your body. Namely, the pores on the feet are the biggest and most in number on the body, so they are extremely suitable for the absorption of the needed nutrients.

Our feet also contain numerous points which are linked to different body organs, so the stimulation of these points can have a miraculous effect on our health and well- being.

So, this is how to prepare your homemade spray that will improve your sleep:


10 drops Lavender Essential Oil
10 drops Chamomile Essential oil (German Chamomile essential oil is a better anti-inflammatory and Roman Chamomile essential oil is more relaxing.)
4 ounces of magnesium oil

Mix the essential oils into a 4 ounce (or larger) glass spray bottle. Shake the bottle gently to ensure that the oils are combined well. Spray this spray on your feet 10 minutes before you go to sleep.


Lavender is a soothing, relaxing herb. Its oil is extremely effective and powerful, and only a few drops of it on your pillowcase can do miracles! Due to its strength, in most cases, it is used diluted. Moreover, you should not use it for your children.


This calming herb has amazing relaxing qualities, and it will also provide great help when it comes to sleep difficulties.


Magnesium essential oil is amazing for both, internal and external use. Technically, it is not oil, but it is regarded thus due to its oily look and effect. It is extremely beneficial in the case of sleeplessness, anxiety, digestion issues, cramps. Particularly if you lack magnesium, the feet are the right place to apply this oil.


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