Men are absolutely unpredictable creature for us, for women. Even though, there are many psychological courses, books, and lecture that are supposed to help us to learn more about them, we still fail for some reason.


There are some needs that are common for the majority of men. Somehow, women have managed to figure that out and we are making posts on that topic regularly, to keep you updated. However, how are we supposed to figure out the special individual men needs?


How about zodiac sign? Let’s try this method out. We are about to tell you something new about the men’s needs in accordance with their zodiac signs. Try to satisfy these needs of your man in real life and let us know what happens next.


1. Gemini

These men can fall in love at first sight, but they can also lose their interest to a woman with lightning speed. Therefore, to establish relationships with Gemini is easier than to keep them after. To build a family alliance with Gemini, you need to constantly show resourcefulness, awakening in a man’s interest in themselves every day. They need respect, support, and recognition.


2. Cancers

Male cancers are very vulnerable natures, prone to resentment and mental torment. To build relationships with Cancer, you need to take into account its characteristics and behave as carefully as possible in relation to it. Cancers value care and responsiveness, which fuels their interest in the opposite sex.


3. Lios

Men-lios are regal natures, who are eager to see no less regal individuals near themselves. Before making a proposal to a woman, Leo will be sure that his choice will cause ecstasy and envy of those around him, and only then will he decide to connect fate with his beloved. But to win a lion man is not so difficult, a little flattery and he is at your feet.


4. Libra

They are thoughtful and rational, they are often intellectuals and connoisseurs of art. Near themselves, Libra seeks to see the same women, able to hold an interesting conversation, having an impeccable taste. Libra does not like women to openly flirt with them, they are supporters of the fact that the man himself must take the first step in the relationship, so to achieve Libra is useless, if he is not interested in you, you can hardly beat him with courtship.


5. Sagittarius

These men are an endless party, a charge of energy for others. Being with such a person is easy and difficult at the same time. He needs to live up to him and live with him in the same rhythm. In this case, Sagittarians do not like to spend their precious energy on quarrels and clarification of relationships, so it is better to avoid conflicts with streltsy-men.


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